Monday, August 25, 2014

Quick Monday Q&A

Today, I'll be taking some time to answer some of the emails I got over the weekend in a Q&A session...

1:  I'm stuck!  I eat right all the time and my weight doesn't change?

Response:  Are you accounting for every calorie you are taking in?  What about your macronutrient loads?  Are you weighing every food?  Studies have shown that most people (for whatever reason) are unreliable when self-reporting their diet and activity logs, tending to under-report the "bad foods" and over-report foods they see as beneficial.  Weight management comes down to finding a balance and eating the correct foods to support your system.

2: What exercises can I do to get a flat tummy?

Response:  First, check your diet.  Second, there is no way to spot reduce fat.  Just ramp up your exercise program and hone your diet and your tummy will start to go away.  Exercise patience.

3: What supplements do I need to be taking?

Response: None until you get your diet right and start training properly.  Most people waste their money on supplements that they don't even utilize.  Supplements are meant to just back up an already well-balanced diet and training regiment.

4: When Dieting, are there any foods that aggravate your skin and cause breakouts?

Response: Milk and High-Glycemic diets have been hypothesized to cause irritation; however, the reason for skin irritation and breakouts are Hormonal.  For more information on the subject see here (

5: I have been exercising a lot but still can't lose weight!!!

Response: You cannot out train a bad diet.  Running on the treadmill for an hour is barely worth most people's snacks.  Get your diet fixed.

~Your Trainer
    Richard Sterling Tarleton

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