Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Diet Blues: Remembering Why You Started.

Day 2 of my "diet".

I felt very well.  Everything still tastes scrumptious.  I felt satisfied by every meal throughout the day.  The High Fat/Protein, Moderate Carb nutrition plan I'm following supplied me with all the energy I could want or need.  Mentally I felt sharp and physically I felt prime.  Then, we had a company meeting in the evening...
Inner Monologue: "I am not above cannibalism...
I will eat every last one of you!" 

     "You could have a little bit," a coworker pressured "you'll burn it off!"

So, I sat there in the midst of hot wing chaos...  drinking my bittersweet amino acids with the peppery scent of the sauces wafting in my brain.  I love hot wings...  can't get enough of them.

That's how it starts; a bite here and there and those calories begin to add up.  This is why people fail to reach their fat loss goals, they give in to peer pressure or their emotional cravings.

As soon as the cravings started to creep into my thoughts, I had to stop them.  I interrupted the process by reminding myself of why I am on this plan.  "I got an image to maintain... I've got to look good in my photo shoots... I've got to be an example to everyone who follows me."   

I kept it together and did not resort to eating chicken wings or my coworkers.  We finished the meeting and a couple hours later I was able to go home and eat my before bed snack of fruit and cottage cheese.  My cravings satisfied by the sweet and sour concoction.

So, the lesson to be learned here is always keep your goals in mind and make them the priority.  When you lose sight of your goals, you will falter and fail.  Remind yourself regularly of why you started and what you are working towards.

Your goals must also have a major emotional attachment to them too, otherwise they will not have the strength to anchor you when things get tough.  For me, it is that I have to hold myself up as an example for my clients and followers.  I cannot let myself fail because they rely on me to be a reference point for them.

For you it will be different.  Why did you start this journey?  Was it to just lose a little weight or put on a little muscle? If so, that isn't good enough!  Why did you really start?

     *Do you have kids?  Wouldn't being healthier make time with them more enjoyable.  You could do more activities with them and live a lot longer to see them grow up. Wouldn't you want them to remember you as a strong and full of vigor, not as weak and feeble.

     *Do you have a significant other?  Wouldn't they want you to be able to spend more time with them enjoying life.  Doesn't everyone want to feel better about how their lover sees them.  Being healthier together brings a significant joy when each person contributes and holds each other up.

     *Do you fight depression?  Fitness programs have been proven to combat depression and anxiety.  Who wouldn't want to feel happier and suffer less?  Your Body and Mind are tied together...  If you get your body healthy, the mind will follow.

     *Does your career ride on your health?  Many of us have jobs that entail physicality.  Training to be stronger and more resilient not only helps you maintain yourself, but prevents injury and also can increase your chance of moving up in your career.  Learning to stick with a fitness regiment takes discipline, and that discipline can be transferred to your work ethic.

There are many reasons people start their program.  Know your reason and live every day for it.

  ~Your Trainer
     Richard Sterling Tarleton    

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