Friday, August 22, 2014

End of the week: The 5 day meal prep follow-up

...and so the week draws to a close.  Delicious food has been devoured and there has been no deviation from the diet.  Lessons have been learned with this experiment and here they are.

1: Food can look and taste good for a whole week after prep.  

2: Bacon; however, tastes awesome up until day 4...  then day 5 hits.  

    "Mmmm, Bacon!" I exclaimed as I chewed on the first piece on day five.  The texture wasn't right though, it had taken on a grainy texture that scraped against the back of my tongue.  I choked it down and resolved myself that it may have just been that one piece and took another into my gullet.  I chewed contemplatively for a moment, pondering if I had made a mistake.  Three more bites of the bacon-like substance and I decided that "Yep... five days is too long for bacon."

3: Cravings can be avoided

If you plan accordingly you can make it through a week without real cravings.  I always felt satisfied by my foods this week since they were well balanced.

4: I need a bigger fridge...

5: A week is too much

Food can spoil easily or just change flavor.  I usually stick to 3 day preps because of this.  I don't like bad bacon.

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