Sunday, February 15, 2015

Slowly returning to normal

A short blog post about returning to normal eating after trashing myself for 3 months…

The first morning back to eating normal I went to my kitchen at 5AM.  I sprayed down a frying pan and got it heating up while I put some sliced bacon in the microwave.  I cracked an egg in the hot pan and fried it up.  I tossed the bacon and egg on a wrap with cheese and breakfast was ready.  3 minutes total prep and cook time.  

The sad thing is the entire time I was cooking, I was thinking “Dammit, I really just want to go to the diner next door to grab a breakfast wrap.”

That’s how irrational my mind had become over the 3 months.  It took me 3 minutes to make something that cost me around a dollar to make that tasted fresh and healthy…  and in my mind I was thinking I’d rather spend 10 minutes to order and receive something that is flash frozen and cost me $5.  

This continued to haunt me the rest of the day…  Lunch was a nice balanced meal but all I craved was something fast, like ramen noodles.  Even at dinner as I ate a huge plate of Pork tenderloin, mixed veggies and noodles, cottage cheese, and glazed apples I found myself craving frozen pizza.  

This went on for 3 days straight...

As my diet returned to normal, I began to feel "right".  Less headaches and less fatigue during workouts were the first noticeable affects.  My blood pressure dropped back to a ~120/70 by the end of the week (a great decline since it was spiking into the 140/80 range-the highest it had ever been in my life).  My mental state improved and over the week less anxiety spikes occurred.

Things are slowly returning to normal.    

Next step: Weekly Meal Prep

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