Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 Tips for Meal Prep

The fuel you put into your body is one of the keys to your success at any health program.  Preparing your meals ahead of time is a great way to get control of your nutrition.  Here are some simple tips to follow which will help you succeed.

1: The word “Meal” is misleading.  
When people say the word “Meal”, the layperson tends to envision a 3 course dinner and that makes trying to fathom eating 5-6 “meals” a day insane.  This is the furthest thing from reality.  “Meals” can be as small or as large as needed in your nutritional plan, as long as they have a good nutritional balance of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats.

2: Is it 3 meals a day… or is it 5?
You need to eat around your work, sleep, and training schedule all while keeping yourself from being hungry.  Eating more frequently will stave off hunger and help keep you from overeating.  The number of meals does not really matter, it could be x10 if it fit your schedule and provided the right nutrients.

3: Protein Shakes
Protein Shakes can be a bane or a boon.  One has to understand that the body needs balanced nutrition based around their goals.  This means getting a balanced meal, every meal.  Protein, Carbs, and Fats are all necessary for optimal health.  That being said, protein isolate powder with water in a shaker cup may be good for a bodybuilder on a cut, but not for the normal gym client.  
4: Don’t try prepping for an entire week
Some foods keep, some don’t.  I always suggest planning prepping for 2-3 days worth of food and not beyond that.  I have done a week at a time before and if your food turns, you will have a bad day.  Look at your schedule and fit in 2-3 times during the week to prep your meals and have them ready to be consumed.

5: Seek help

Even professional athletes have support teams.  You need one to.  See a Licensed Registered Dietitian and get a consult for a meal plan.  This will help you make sure you have optimal nutrition while building the perfect eating schedule for you.  Dietitians are educated and experienced in helping even difficult cases where people have odd schedules or specific nutritional needs.

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